Saturday, June 18, 2011


After 6 months and a half system can verify that it is positive. The results are interesting in terms of long-term, because in spite of some advances and retreats have seen a steady hike in profits.
As already mentioned, the base system is the most important for success. The secondary issue of leverage is therefore always depend on the money that each one will have to arrange for the strategy.

You need a safety margin on the issue of leverage and CFD for each contract we should have $ 600 investment.

Much attention that existemuita people who think this system is easy to negotiate. However, despite de Sers traded once a day, requires great attention and above all capacity for suffering extreme risk, which is only available to highly disciplined traders.

My idea of ​​financial markets through the use of this technique is interesting to take a profit, those profits being an extra income to my income from work.
My goal was never to get rich at the expense of the market, because this is the first step to impoverish.

Discipline, patience and capacity for suffering and high risk tolerance are the basis of all this.

Then leave the table with the session Friday.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Walking slowly....but positive

Actualization Trading System SPX.
SPX walking slowly, but going positive. Now we have 37,1% profit, since 09/12/10. There nothing extraordinary, but it's a good result, I think.