Sunday, January 2, 2011

Results 2010

Good night
I come here to leave the table of results for this SPX End-of-day, the closing prices of cash. The results are shown in the schedule for the premise listed there, or an initial capital of $ 3000 and five batches of CFD's, per day.
Are also shown the results obtained monthly and monthly rates on capital initially applied.
The end result was quite interesting, given that the time spent by me for this system is quite residual, not bringing any kind of stress and any worries about stop loss and stop profit.

To prove the validity of the system, and as I've mentioned here several times, I will implement a CFD per day.
I hope you enjoy and follow your results with regularity.
The leverage is at the discretion of the investor, but I would strongly recommend, where CFD for each $ 600 of investment.

Pedro Pereira

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