Friday, December 17, 2010

Trading System Explanation

Good morning

The S & P500 was chosen for me to apply a method of trading that long-term will bear fruit.
I mean, what is within reach of the ordinary investor make a better return than a simple term deposit.

The strand is associated with risk, because the leverage is used, which is shaped by individual players, as its Capital and predisposing risk.

Here, as easily come in the tables below, are used CFDs.
Here in this communication space gonna let the stratagy, and i considered very simplest.
As mentioned, the issue of leverage depends on each investor's capital that want to apply.

So to simplify and let the parameters of this business to Real Trading System:

Initial capital = 600 USD
Daily positions = 1 CFD per day
Stop loss and stop profit is the market that takes care of that. Surprised? No, is only the market choosing the best price.

Pedro Pereira

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